PAINT-Wijkteam (community care)

Status: In preperation

Currently, parent training is predominantly offered in specialized Youth Mental Health Care (Jeugd-GGZ), where long waiting times are often experienced, and parents perceive it as daunting. This poses a risk that families may receive this intervention late or not at all. Through community care teams, parents of children with behavioral problems can receive help in an accessible manner.

The specific support provided by neighborhood teams to these families is not entirely clear at this time. In this study, we aim to gain a better understanding of the current practices of community care teams working with families with children with behavioral problems. Additionally, we seek to investigate the effectiveness of a short parent training when offered within community care teams.

Our goal

At PAINT-P Community Care, we aim to assess the support currently provided to parents of children with behavioral problems by community care teams. Subsequently, we will explore the effectiveness of a short parent training within these teams. The goal of the research is to assist families with a child with behavioral problems at the earliest stage possible and in an accessible manner.

Structure & design of the study

The study is currently in preparation, and this page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Initially, we will use a questionnaire to survey employees of community care teams to understand the support currently offered to parents of children with behavioral problems. We will also explore what employees appreciate about their current practices and identify areas for improvement. Community care team members can complete the questionnaire in the spring of 2024. Following this, we will investigate the short parent training within community care teams.

What is in it for the participants?

Community care teams participating in the survey can gain insights into the support they provide, identifying strengths and areas for growth. Teams participating in the parent training research will receive training and a protocol to implement the parent training.

Parents participating in the research will receive parent training offered by a community care team in their vicinity. During this training, they may receive the short-term, personalized parent training, learning various techniques to reduce their child’s problematic behavior.

In addition, both parents and community care teams contribute significantly to all families with a child with behavioral problems through their participation in the research. Research helps improve parent training, benefiting other parents and children in the future.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Emmy van Boven,

The Researchers:

Dr. Marjolein Luman
Free Universiteit Amsterdam; Levvel

Prof. dr. Barbara van den Hoofdakker
Accare Child Study Center

Prof. dr. Saskia van der Oord
KU Leuven

Dr. Tycho Dekkers
Accare Child Study Center/UMCG; Levvel

Prof. dr. Arne Popma
Amasterdam UMC

Emmy van Boven
Free Universiteit Amsterdam