What is PAINT

PAINT stands for Psychosocial ADHD and Behavior INTerventions and is the overarching name for the studies conducted by the PAINT consortium since 2017. The goal of the PAINT consortium is to improve care for children with behavioral problems (including ADHD).

We collaborate as a consortium with practical institutions, collaborative educational partnerships, the parent association Balans, research institutions, and knowledge networks. In the various projects, teachers and healthcare professionals from education, parents, mental healthcare providers, municipal employees, neighborhood teams, Centers for Youth and Family, and general practitioner support staff participate. The PAINT parent advisory board advises us from an experiential perspective.

What Do We Investigate In The PAINT Studies?

1. What does the current care for children with behavioral problems look like in the Netherlands? Are proven effective interventions being used? Are guidelines being followed? And what factors influence the choices made in healthcare?

2. Are brief behavioral therapeutic training sessions for teachers and parents effective when provided at school, by practice assistants, or by mental health professionals in the GGZ?

3. Tailored care: for whom does each intervention work best? Are there groups of children or parents for whom certain (combinations of) interventions work better or less well? What makes training for parents and teachers effective?

4. Cost-effectiveness: what is the balance between the effectiveness and costs of interventions?

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Information on the parent training in mental healthcare institutions, at the GP en community centers


Information on the teacher training


Information on the individual participant data meta-analyse


Information on the study on physical activity in the classroom


Information about the study on current care at municipalities, community centers and schools


Information on the planning program Planning at school

Research To Improve the Care Of Children With ADHD And behavioral problems