What is PAINT-CAU?

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may have an impact on the development and daily life of a child and those who live with them. Parent training focuses on the negative consequences and symptoms of ADHD and is recommended as a first step in care for ADHD by international and national (Dutch) guidelines (e.g. NICE and Trimbos institute). However, the number of parents of children with ADHD who genuinely receive parent training is not as large as may be expected based on ADHD-guidelines and the proofed effectiveness of parent training for ADHD. Many different factors may influence the process of receiving parent training for ADHD interventions (e.g. stigma, feeling of knowledge of ADHD interventions, attitude toward the use of specific ADHD treatments). Knowledge about those factors is scarce and should be enlarged.

The aim of the PAINT-CAU study is to identify barriers and facilitators of receiving parent training interventions for ADHD. Furthermore, we aim to clarify alterations in: attitudes toward interventions for ADHD, trust in mental health services, stigma, severity of symptoms and rating of own parenting skills. Another secondary objective is to find predictors for the ‘type’ of intervention parents and their child start with (e.g. no intervention, psychosocial intervention, pharmacological treatment or ‘other’).