Status: in preparation

Behavioural parent training for children with ADHD characteristics is currently mainly offered in specialised youth mental health care, as a result of which families often receive this intervention late or not at all. In contrast, general practitioners and their practice support workers (POH) are accessible to many families. As a result, PAINT-POH will examine the effectiveness of a short-term parent training for children with ADHD characteristics when offered by the GP’s practice support worker. The aim of the study is to support families at the earliest possible stage, which will hopefully prevent worse problems from arising.

De onderzoekers:

Dr. Tycho Dekkers
Accare Child Study Center; Universiteit van Amsterdam

Prof. dr. Barbara van den Hoofdakker
Accare Child Study Center

Prof. dr. Saskia van der Oord
Ku Leuven

Dominique Doffer
Accare Child Study Center

Other projects


In the Paint-T trial, the effectiveness of the components of teacher training was examined by means of a microtrial, and in the follow-up study Paint T trial, the effectiveness of a combined teacher training will be examined.


In PAINT-IPDMA, an individual participant data meta-analysis is being conducted on psychosocial treatments for children and adolescents with ADHD. In the follow-up IPDMA study, the psychosocial treatments for children and adolescents with behavioural problems are investigated.


The aim of PAINT-S is to investigate the efficacy of an intervention to improve the interaction between children with ADHD and their siblings.


The PAINT-C study maps the care for children with ADHD and/or hyperactive behaviour in the Netherlands at municipalities, CJGs/District Teams and schools and investigates what predicts treatment choices in ADHD.


The study PLOS (Planning at School) investigates the effectiveness of a programme to support secondary school students with planning problems. PLOS consists of two parts PLOS-basic and PLOS-extra.


In PAINT-P the effectiveness of the components of parental training for ADHD was studied and in the follow-up studies Paint-POH, Paint-GZ and Paint-Pc the effectiveness of combined parental training in different settings will be studied.