Rianne Hornstra

Rianne Hornstra is a PhD student at Accare Groningen UC and the KU Leuven. She studies psychology at the RUG university Groningen. Her research focusses on efficacy of elements of parent training for ADHD. In her spare time she likes to exercise or read a good book.

Anouck Staff

Anouck Staff is a PhD student at the section clinical neuropsychologie of the  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her study is aimed at efficacy of elements of teacher training for handling busy and unfocused behavior. Anouck previously worked as a psychologist. She likes to spend her free time playing field hockey, skiing, and traveling.

Barbara van den Hoofdakker

Marjolein Luman

Marjolein Luman is associate professor clinical neuropsychology at the  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She focusses on the etiology and treatment of ADHD and behavioral disorders. Her specific interest is on cognitive and emotional functioning in relation to school performance and learning. Marjolein likes spending time with her family, (wind)surfing and cooking. 

Tycho Dekkers

Tycho Dekkers is a researcher at Accare, assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam and works as a clinician and coordinator of the ADHD team at Levvel (child and adolescent psychiatry, Amsterdam). His PhD was about the association between ADHD and risk-taking behavior, and currently he studies effectiveness of psychosocial interventions for children with ADHD. He likes to spend his free time playing tennis or table tennis.

Annabeth Groenman

Annabeth Groenman is postdoc researcher at Accare Groningen UC. Her specific research interest is on the long term development of children with behavioral problems and factors that could influence this.  At this moment she is working on the PAINT- IPDM project and on several studies on cost-effectiveness. Interest outside of research are rock climbing, cooking, and going to concerts.

Dominique Doffer

Dominique Doffer is a PhD candidate and psychologist at Accare UMCG. Her study focusses on the effectiveness of a brief parent training program for children with ADHD characteristics, when provided in community care settings, by a general practice-based nurse specialist. In her free time she enjoys playing field hockey, eating good food and spending time with friends and family.

Saskia van der Oord

Saskia van der Oord is associate professor at the KU Leuven (Clinical Psychology) and the UVA (Developmental Psychology). She also works as a behavioral therapist. Her research mainly focusses on mechanisms of ADHD and treatment efficacy in children with ADHD. She likes spending her free time with her family, working in the garden or doing something creative. 

Pieter Hoekstra

Pieter Hoekstra is professor child and adolescent psychiatry at the RUG Groningen and child psychiatrist at bij Accare Groningen UC. His interest lies on ADHD, behavioral disorders, and tic disorders. His focus is both on treatment and etiology. Besides research Pieter likes to cycle, travel and see movies. 

Menno Reijneveld

Menno Reijneveld is professor Community and Occupational Medicine and head of the department of Health Sciences at the University Medical Center Groningen. His research is aimed at prevention and participation, mostly in children and adolescents. This research usually takes place in collaboration with clinicians, and at schools, often within the project C4Youth

Bianca Boyer

Bianca Boyer is post-doc researcher and lecturer in clinical developmental psychology at the University of Amsterdam. She focusses on treatment of children and adolescents with ADHD and Autism. She also works as a cognitive behavioral psychologist. Bianca likes spending time with her family and friends, going to the movies or going for a nice dinner.